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  • High Speed Verifier  v.1.36.100High-speed software designed to remove dead email addresses from huge mailing lists with millions of addresses. Moreover, it is with this list size that the program's highest performance can be achieved.
  • IVRPhone  v.1.0.1IVRPhone is a general purpose Interactive Voice Response application which helps business owners to provide automated customer response with relatively small startup cost compared to high end customer service applications. The application requires ...
  • ActiveInsert  v.1.10Have you often found yourself typing or creating the same text over and over again? It could be a relatively small item, such as your name, address, or phone number. It could be a larger creation, such as an email reply, signature tag in a news ...
  • VITO SmartMap for P910/P900/P800  v.1.0VITO SmartMap for P800/P900/P910 is GPS moving map for your SonyEricsson phone. It uses relatively small vector maps, which are perfect for driving or hiking with it. You can also use VITO SmartMap without maps for recording tracks to find your way ...
  • Just Manager  v.0.1 alpha 54Just Manager is a feature packed, versatile, multi-tabbed multi-pane file manager for the Windows operating system. It is available in both x86 and x64 versions. Despite its many features it is relatively small and efficient.
  • Swing Java GIS  v.1.0This project aims at creating a GIS for local-level ecosystem management applications. The software aims for easy use by local managers and as such, will require a relatively small amount of information.
  • NetWORK  v.1.0Strength in numbers. Existing products we're involved in include port to Linux of Tony Forbes' MFAC for brute-force factorization of MM61 for relatively small factors, and further development and improvement of Tim Charron's ECMnet ...
  • ExpressiveOS  v.1.0A Linux distribution developed by relatively small team, bored with anty-open source superstitions. We just want to prove people that working with this software may be even more comfortable than with commercial software. The user's comfort is more ...
  • Inanna  v.0.3.3Inanna is a relatively small ANN library that I've been developing for a few years for research purposes.
  • Alexs Encrypt  v.1.0.1Alex"s Encrypt is a simple encryption utility that encrypts one file at a time. The encryption key is stored in a variable-length key file that can be as small as 512 bytes or as large as the entire file to encrypt. Alexs Encrypt assures strong file ...
  • Nokia Media Studio  v.4.0.2Four times faster DVD to Nokia transfers. Watch DVDs, videos and movies on your phone. This software lets you convert movies and videos to your Nokia phone and watch it in great quality in full screen landscape mode. A memorycard as small as 128 Mb ...
  • Text::Flow  v.0.01BRL-CAD is a powerful constructive solid geometry solid modeling system that includes an interactive geometry editor.
  • Address Book Recovery  v.1.2.27Address Book Recovery provides the analysis of corrupted WAB files in all instances of data corruption and allows repairing the data on virtually all computers regardless the configuration of selected PC and other factors.
  • Send Personally  v.2.0Add-in offers an alternative method of sending messages from Microsoft Outlook, separate message being created for each recipient. The final recipient will see only his/her name and address in the "To" field.
  • Mobile Media Maker (PSP)  v.1.0Watch video's and movies on your Playstation Portable. This software lets you convert movies and video's to your PSP and watch it in great quality in full screen landscape mode.
  • PSP Media Studio  v.2.0Fastest DVD-to-PSP software. Conert video's and movies to your Playstation Portable 300% faster. This software lets you convert movies and video's to your PSP blazing fast.
  • Standard Agriculture Icons  v.2008.1Standard Agriculture Icons is a comprehensive set of professionally-drawn icons related to everything agricultural - from cattle breeding to product transportation. Affordable and eye-catching, they will breathe new life into your application!
  • Planet Mars 3D Screensaver  v.1.1Mars has always fascinated people. Its fiery appearance is mysterious. In fact two-thirds of all spacecraft destined for Mars failed for no apparent reason. You do not have to worry though because this screensaver will get you there safely.
  • A-PDF Page Crop  v.6.4A-PDF Page Crop is a simple, lightning-fast desktop utility program that lets you crop or removes the white margins (space) of PDF pages.
  • Mobile Movie Studio (Sony Ericsson)  v.1.2Watch media on the go. Now you can convert your video, TV and DVD's to your Sony Ericsson and watch them in great quality, with excellent sound and in full screen landscape mode. Put a full movie on a 128 Mb memorystick.
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